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WEBMASTER: Gordon D French, QM3, 50-53,

Since closing the book on our final planned, official gathering, several small gatherings have taken place. Once such gathering of a few friends and family members of
our crew met at the Island Vista Resort in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.  I have not received the number of attendees but I do know that two Enoree crew
members, Bob Steinauer (Our Association President) and Frank Crocker (Historian) attended.  Several spouses and offspring of Crewmembers who are no longer
with us were in attendance as well as a few "Friends Of The Enoree".  Those in attendance who took pictures of the gathering have been requested to furnish me
with said pictures, but few have surfaced to this date. These were included in a CHRISTmas card from Dan and Trish Neuenschwander (Son of David
Neuenschwander, one of the founders of the Reunion Association) Thanks loads Daniel.



Jewell Harrell, Marie Luongo, Wallace & Shirley Russell, Barb & Bob Steinauer,      John Foster, Shirley Brink, Marie Luongo, Patricia Luongo-Lane,
Shirley Brink, Dan Neuenschwander and John Foster                                                Bob & Barb Steinauer, Dan & Trish Neuenschwander.

I know there were others attending and as I receive additional pics, I shall post them for your viewing pleasure.

A sad note seems to raise its head more often these days as the number of shipmates and their spouses who are crossing that "Gangplank of Life" for the last time is
rapidly increasing.  Though saddened by the loss of our shipmates, we rejoice in the fact that we have shared many, many wonderful experiences over the past 20
years as well as the brotherhood of war and service aboard the Enoree as young men. We do so appreciate Gaye Cline-Schooler, the daughter of David Cline
taking the reins of the editorship of the Enoree Tidings and acting as the news hub.  If you have questions or information to share, contact her at the E-Mail address
shown on the Index Page of this Web Site.

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