Enoree Crew, August, 1954
Phil Bingham and Gordon French
New York City Feb, 1952
Replica of plaque
placed on the Memorial Wall
Nimitz Museum
Fredericksburg, Texas
(WWII History Site)
Rigged For Fueling
1st Division, 1945
3rd Division, 45
Mog Mog, Ulithi Atoll
Thule, Greenland Trip, 1952
Replica of Plaque placed on the Memorial Wall of
the US Navy Memorial, Washington, D.C.
by the members of the USS Enoree AO/TAO-69
Reunion Association
"She Will Forever Be Remembered"
Bob Harwood (With White
Socks), Joe Wilson & Virgil
Hunter, Wsakayama, Japan
Dec 1945,
Clarence Allen
John Kelly, RMSN 1953
David & Mary Cline
Wedding Day
Don Earnhart FN1, Jock Collins MS3
Bob "The Turk" Adrion FN1
Mog Mog, Ulithi Atoll
Oct 1950, Recommissioning Cake
Zorn, Cook and Gonzales, Hotel Street,
QM3, 1953
QM's, 1954