Our Men Of The Greatest
Frank Crocker & Bud Santos
Nancy Greenwood Family
The Cline Family
Ray & Charlene Paulson & John Looney
Laverne Johnson Family
The Crockers With
Phyllis Rimel
The Entire Group (Minus those who left early)
Francis Russell's Group
Bud Santos Family
The Steinauer Group
Tom & Donna Barnes
John Looney
John Foster & Nancy Brink   
David & Mary Cline
Gordon & Connie  
Nancy Greenwood
Kevin & Dawn Marie
Patricia Luongo-Lane &
Marie Luongo
Jo Scott &
Dr Jean Curtit
Dan & Trish Neuenschwander
Phyllis Rimel
Francis Russell &
Bertha Scarpatri
Bud & Mary Ann Santos   
Robert Duncan & Candis Pompkala
(Richard Duncan's Daughter)
Bob & Barb Steinauer
Frank & Mary Crocker
Rick and John McKinney     
LaVerne Johnson
Marie Luongo           Patricia Luongo-Lane
Rick McKinney, John McKinney, Rachelle & Jim Smith
John, Rick & Rachelle are of  the lineage of  Wm. G
McKinney, FM1ET (Feb 45 - Dec 45),  John has
tirelessly pursued the reconstruction of their father's
military records which were destroyed in a repository
fire.  John also created and presented a "USS Enoree
Patch" to each shipmate present.
Howard Kling, Cassie Cling & Zac Crane
Howard and Cassie, Nephew and Great Niece of
Adam L. Kling, SN, the only crew fatality during
WWII came to honor their uncle.  Adam, while
servicing a motor whale boat was lost overboard
and never recovered. A board of inquiry
determined the incident to be an accident.
Jo Scott and Dr. Jean Curtit, daughters
of Billy G. Curtit, YNSN, 52-53
attended in honor of their father.  Dr.
Curtit also provided a huge Navy wall
hanging/blanket for a drawing.  The prize
was won by the Webmaster, Gordon
Awards to Our President and his lady for many behind the scenes efforts, John McKinney awarding the Patch, The Brass Players, the Door Prizes, The Salad
which started the meal, the center pieces the gathering and Frank selling 50-50 tickets
The shipmates who attendedd